Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WOYWW - having fun, listening to Christmas carols.

This is my desk today. My granddaughter plays violin with her teacher at a shopping centre. Mom and dad needed to go do some Christmas shopping and I am the only one left with enough patience to sit at a coffee shop for 4 hours while she plays. Lucky me!
It is so amazing to watch people's reaction when they walk past. They literally do a double take when they look and see that not only is it live music, but an 8 year old is playing like that. I am so proud of her, she has only been playing for about 6 months. Her teacher says that he has never come across such a young child with so much talent and passion for the violin. My dad is probably very happy in heaven, he used to play the violin and mom was an opera singer, sadly none of their kids or grandchildren showed any interest. As part of our school's curriculum all our grade 2's get to plat violin for a term and from the very first day Tertia-Lee walked into that class, that was all she could talk about. 
I am off on holiday in two days an will only be back on the 29th, so I wish you all a very blessed Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WOYWW -The big clean up!

Good morning all the wonderful WOYWWers, I have missed being a part of this wonderful creative community. Nearly had heart failure when I realised my last post was early October. How did that happen? 

As you can see, there is absolutely NOTHING on my workdesk! Do not be fooled, it is all on the floor and on any other flat surface in my craftroom. I am busy washing the tablecloths and having a big clean up. It is taking way longer than expected, because I am finding all this cool stuff that I forgot I had and DH is on leave, so I am being called every 5 minutes! Honey, where are you? Come an sit here, you know the story.

 I have been doing some crafting (I would go mad otherwise!!) I am colouring a lot with my Copic markers. The card above uses an image by Mitzi from Aurora Wings. I just love her work and own most of her digi stamps.
The next card is an image from Tiddly Inks and I coloured her following a class by the wonderful and talented Alyce Keegan. She has the most amazing classes on her site Kit and Clowder. Even though I have done classes and am Copic certified, I have learned so much from her and the facebook group for Kit and Clowder is one of the few where there never is any drama, just encouragement and lots and lots of fun.
I hope you all have an awesome week and those that are on holiday like me, don't work too hatd!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WOYWW - My 'real' desk.

Good afternoon all the lovely people from WOYWW. Thought I would share what my real desk looks like - the one that usually keeps me from joining the party. This is my desk in my classroom and as usual, covered in so much stuff, I hardly know where to start. You will see some tests, some text books, my lunch (courtesy of my wonderful granddaughter), some cards that a colleague asked to look at, my clipboard full of notes of things to do and papers to file. In the background, near the door are the dustbin, the paper recycle bin and some seedling trays that need to be planted full of the vegetable seeds on the cupboard and looked after until we can donate them to an underprivileged school,

And here you see some of the faces that makeme smile every day. This photo is my screensaver on my I pad. I left it in their care when I joined them for high tea and needed to go to the toilet. This is what I found when I opened my I Pad, a new and very fun screensaver. You just can not help loving these girls.
And this is what they look like when other people see them, real ladies and the responsible new leaders of our school.
Enjoy your week, I will be in Cape Town next week for the annual Drummie nationals.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WOYWW - A rare day off!

I am off school, sick in bed with pneumonia and acute asthma, not fun I tell you! But... 4 days later and I am slowly starting to feel like a human being again. It also means that for once I can be part of WOYWW this week and have time to at least visit a few of you. My desk does not look too bad, considering how much I have done since your last visit.

I have made invitations for my granddaughter's 8th Birthday party. Another Frozen besotted little girl! Let me tell you, colouring those little images was no joke (they are about an inch and a half tall!), but fussy cutting them? Now that was quite a job! What we would not do for the grandies!
 This past weekend I felt terrible and was forced to just take the meds and stay indoors. It was also the Kit and Clowder 4000 Facebook member party, so I spent some time challenging myself trying to show how my colouring has improved since I joined Alyce's classes. I must say, this is the biggest image I have ever coloured with my Copics and I am so proud of it, I framed it and its on display on my antique sewing machine.
 Another card that was finished this weekend.
 I also had the wonderful privilege to attend the SA Scrapbook Convention at the beginning of September and finally got to finish one of the LO's this morning. Using Bo Bunny papers and photo's from DD's recent water polo tour to Russia.
Sorry Julia, this was a bit long, but I am so excited to finally have time to blog, I got a bit carried away!
Have a great week everybody, see you soon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WOYWW - I present to you...

A very good morning to all my friends of WOYWWland. It is very early over here, 6h00 to be precise and I want to pop in quickly before I head off to school for an all day workshop.
I present to you, a sight so amazing, it will leave you speechless! A sight so unusual, you will have to look at least twice - My desk, all cleaned up, neat and tidy. The only thing out of place are the papers waiting to be used! Can you believe it? I feel like I am in a strange place when I walk into my playroom LOL!
 My DH saw me struggling when I was cutting vinyl for somebody. I hate wasting and the darn roll keeps slipping and going out of line and then I have to start all over and hover over the Silhouette to guide the roll, while I could be busy doing something else. I hate it! Then, I was reading the other day that Silhouette has designed a roll feeder, oh happy day. I told DH and also told him that it would probably take a year before the stupid thing would be available in South Africa. The very next day (I kid you not!) I got an email from our local supplier to say that they had a limited number available and guess what? Yip, DH jumped on the internet and ordered one for me straight away. I am now the proud owner of one of these babies, and let me tell you, it is AMAZING!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and DH too of course.
I had better get myself ready to go off to school. Hopefully I will get time to visit some of you on my iPad while the girls are busy.
Have a happy and creative week everybody!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WOYWW - No excuses, I had fun!

Good morning all! Hope you have had a fabulously creative week since the last WOYWW. I have been trying to clean my playroom, without much success. I keep finding the coolest things to play with. LOL You will see that the work space on my desk has shrunk to an all time smallest record. 
 I have discovered the best ever digi stamps on Etsy. They are from Ppinky dolls and are just adorable! Had to do this one straight away.
 This was a freebie from Scrappers Delights. Love how she turned out.
Amazing just how many colours you use when you are having fun. If you look on my desk, you will see the small container filled with all the Copics used for just this image!

Hope you all enjoyed the visit and please call again soon,

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WOYWW - I got distracted!

I was cleaning, I promise I was. I just happened to see all this cool stuff that I forgot about and decided to have a little play and now... well, as you can see, it still looks like a tip, just worse than last week.
There was (actually thare still is a sale at Herbert Evans) my all time favourite art shop and they are selling Copics for 40% less, so I just HAD to get some more, and then I just HAD to play with my new Digi stamps That were on discount on account of Kit and Clowder reaching 3000 fans on facebook.

And then?.... Well... then there was this fun colour along video that I just had to look at and play along with, so you see, it really isn't my fault that my room is so messy!
Thought I would also show you a fun photo of some of the SA woman's water polo side. They are currently competing in the World Cup in Khanty Manysisk, Russia. DD is top right. So proud of her as she will also be featured in the new FINA magazine as the 'Star of Africa' in their monthly One continent, one star articles. 


Have a great week everybody, don't forget to visit Julia to see more inspiring desks, I am off to Herbert Evans (there are some more things I HAVE to get LOL) and then I will be watching some water polo while visiting some fellow WOYWWers.